Terça-feira 4 de Agosto 2015 – 21h30 | Concertos ALFAMA JAZZ – “Anamateur & Pros” – Georgios Anamateros (voz e piano), Mário Franco (contrabaixo) & Bruno Pedroso (bateria)

concerto Duetos da Sé - TERÇA-FEIRA 4 AGOSTO 2015 - 21h30 - ALFAMA JAZZ - Anamateur & Pros



Georgios T. Anamateros, aliás Anamateur, é um pianista de jazz grego e vocalista, que tenta dar renascimento para o elemento tragicômica de jazz, seguindo os passos de Fats Waller, Cole Porter e Thelonious Monk.

Artisticamente nascido em Lisboa, ele nunca omite voltar aqui com frequência, a fim de realizar novas composições por sua atuação.

No “Duetos da Sé”, ele será acompanhado por dois músicos extraordinários da cena jazz Português: Mário Franco (contrabaixo) e Bruno Pedroso (bateria).


O repertório:
– Ne me dis pas que tu m’aimes (it’s Paris that charmed you)
– Lessons for aspiring nobili vigilanti
– Never trust a female politician (when it comes to promises of love)
– I will always be your new toy (at least I will try)
– Dilemma of a fashion icon (suddenly invaded by Hope)
– The chagrin of an untamed heart
– Manifesto of an aspiring enlightened tyrant
– On friendly terms (let me give you that kiss)
– It will be great (though we’ll be 50 years late / till you decide I’m your mate)
– A peca nova de uma rebelde jovem, espirituosa e bonita
– Lika Lika going to the monastery (because of me?)
– I love my Pirulita (but she doesn’t love me)


“Anamateur is extremely passionate for the thing he does. He lives and breathes for it. He reminds a stand up comedian of the 90s, an illuminated preacher and at the same time one of the protagonists of Lars Von Trier’s “Idiots”. The most interesting thing though is that all of these characteristics are real on him.”
(By Yannis Iasonidis, for www.elculture.gr)

“It may be that George Anamateros admires Fats Waller, it may be that he thinks that jazz has lost (since many decays) its sense of humour and it may be that he performs as an altered Eddie Cantor or Jimmy Durante his songs, but these “Redempting blues for a lovesick warrior” (that he wrote for his jazz musical “One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante” and recorded in Lisbon) can’t let his sensitivity to be hidden.”
(By Nikos Fotakis, for “Jazz and Τζαζ” magazine issue of July 2012)

“Anamateur is not just an amateur…”
(By Kornilios Diamantopoulos, for “Jazz and Τζαζ” magazine issue of January 2013)